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A Further Analysis Of Uncomplicated Methods For Sports Betting

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Mobile phones could make sports betting more accessible  and addictive

With smartphones, <a href= “anybody at any time—say, at work—can be gambling,” said Dr. Heather Chapman, a clinical psychologist who specializes in treating problem gambling disorders at Cleveland’s VA hospital.' align='left' /> Now that the ban on sports betting in most states has been struck down, “you’re going to have a far larger market,” Grove said. If all 50 states legalized sports betting, Grove figures that operators would generate between $7.1 and $15.8 billion in annual revenue, with at least half of that business coming from mobile. And although various factors — such as  the legislative process, high taxes and licensing fees, and clashes among industry stakeholders—could slow the adoption of sports betting, the momentum among states towards legalization is an opportunity for app developers, gaming companies, and tax collectors. Still, advocates for problem gamblers, and experts who study gambling disorders, warn that putting sports betting at more people’s fingertips increases the likelihood that some of them will develop a gambling addiction. Brian Borcziak is a recovering problem gambler who said he has lost over $50,000 betting on sports. “It's like anything,” he said, “the more available it is, the more people will use and abuse it.” - Adrian Ma/Marketplace “Cautious, I think is the word I would use,” said Richard James, a psychology research fellow at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, where mobile sports betting is legal. He says gambling on a phone is different than doing it at a casino because our phones are always with us. “It can be a powerful tool to get people to gamble more frequently and perhaps more than they might wish to at times,” James said. “You have all of these alerts come up, dings, buzzes,” said Heather Chapman, a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland VA hospital who specializes in treating problem gambling disorders, “and that impacts your brain and your attention.” When you’re betting and winning, Chapman said, “it starts a flood of dopaminergic activity, which is that feel good stuff in your brain.” In fact, the physiological response from gambling shares some similarities to cocaine’s effect on the brain, she said.  As the availability of sports betting expands throughout the U.S., aided by the accessibility of smartphones, Chapman said she expects the number of people who develop a gambling disorder will increase with it. Studies show that populations that have easy access to gambling — for instance, by living near a casino — have higher rates of problem gambling than those who don’t, Chapman said.

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